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What if this was your NEW alarm ringtone?: “Best Of Epic Music III – Two Steps From Hell (ft. 300)” on YouTube

The UPSIDE to “Indie” …

A dear and longtime friend of the team sent us this article that affirms a lot of the upside to an artist’s option to remain independent. Check it out:

How Musicians Really Make Money in One Long Graph – Atlantic Mobile

 – NOV 30 2011

In the 1950s, it was not uncommon for a band to make money off an ancient bit of technology known colloquially as an “album.” People bought “albums” in exchange for money that was divided mostly between the store, the label, the distributor, and the band, which included not only the artists, but also producers and lawyers.

In the following 60 years, music hasn’t died, but the old business model quite nearly did. People still buy solid, non-digital albums. Millions of people, in fact. In fact, vinyl sales are projected to hit 3.6 million in 2011, more than 10-times the figure from 1993.

But the vast majority of music we listen to comes out of the Internet, where most of it is free. How are bands supposed to make money off of clouds and $0.99 files? This extremely cool chart from the folks at Information Is Beautiful, based on a post at The Cynical Musician on digital royalties, explains:

How Musicians Really Make Money in One Long Graph

How Musicians Really Make Money

Special thanks to www.theatlantic.com

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“Good music doesn’t always have to KNOCK!!!” …



Believe it or not, L. Fresh is pretty big on meditation. He says it is a great way to relax and clear your mind of the stresses of the daily grind. Whether you’re already up on meditation, want to give it a try, or just want something chill to lay around the house to, here’s a playlist from relaxdaily.net for those moments of serenity:

Background Music Instrumentals 2 – slow beautiful soundtrack

A word from the creator:
This is a mix of 18 instrumental tracks I composed and recorded over a period of 9 months in 2012. I began the relaxdaily project in August 2011 with the vision to create a place for you with an ever growing library of calm music for the mind, body and soul. How you use the tunes, is up to you. I put lots of soul, love and energy into every single piece, and I hope you can feel that. Since the summer of 2012 I began also to capture film footage of cool nature places, which I believe can make us feel good, too. You can explore more videos on my channel http://www.youtube.com/relaxdaily . Of course, watching these is no substitute for going out into nature on your own 😉 Do that often, it’s healthy!

In case you’d like to download the tunes from this mix, a great way to do this is looking for “relaxdaily 1.5” in iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/album/1.5/id…), or your favorite download store, or at my website: http://relaxdaily.net/store . With a a payed download, you help to keep the relaxdaily project alive. Thank you for your support!
– Michael (relaxdaily)

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